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ahead. >>> and good evening. it was a fasten your seat belt day in washington today. politicians scrambling. a president regrouping. as you'll hear in his exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos of abc. and all because a man with a truck up in massachusetts rode a rocket of anger to senate victory last night. so, let's get right to it, starting with jake tapper in washington, and the wild day for democrats and republicans all around him. jake? >> reporter: good evening, diane. well, senator-elect brown's us victory has the white house and congressional democrats concerned about losing independent voters this november, two years after those same voters swept president obama and congressional democrats into office. the winds of political change swept through massachusetts last night. and sensing that it might be a wind atheir backs this november, republicans in washington praised what they saw. >> the american people through the people of massachusetts said to washington, d.c., enough is enough. >> reporter: republicans are crowing. >> this is a stunning and for democrats, a
>>> on >>> on "world news" from washington, we're one on one with the president. what is he going to announce about jobs? is he thinking one term is enough for him? and what did mrs. obama say to help him in the political season of the buzz saw. >>> do doctors really know how much radiation they deliver and how do you? >>> haiti sends out an s.o.s. asking for 200,000 tents and we stay on the case. >>> and one boy on a bicycle did something we could not believe. >>> and good evening tonight from washington. with president obama at the cross roads. sitting with us one on one two days before the state of the union. it was just a year ago in his first appearance before congress he was a new, victorious, history-making president. now, he is facing a buzz saw and some say the promise never happened, not no mention a nation demanding something be done about jobs. earlier this morning, president obama announced middle class programs on child care. but the time we sat down with him, they pounced. they say, what are you talking about so far for wednesday night is not going to create any new
massachusetts. want proof? scott brown volunteers from walla walla, washington, and wisconsin. he can restore balance in power in washington. >> reporter: martha coakley has out of state help too. a brown victory would give republicans the votes to kill the president's health care plan. brown is a 50-year-old state senator, a lawyer and a former model who has tried to tap into voter anxiety over the economy. in the latest abc news/"washington post" poll, 62% of americans think the country is on the wrong track. >> wall it anger, anything you want. >> reporter: brown says he is an independent republican, but he refused to tell me how he would vote differently than republicans in washington. but anything you can point to where you would have differed from any republican -- >> i'm not going to focus on what's happened in the past. i'm going to focus on what i have an ability to deal with in the future. >> reporter: martha coakley is a hard-nosed prosecutor. she made her name in the famed louise woodward nanny trial in the 1990s, but democrats say she has run a flat, slow campaign. and she walled
raddatz, abc news, sanaa, yemen. >>> our thanks to martha. and back to washington. a stunning piece of video today, surfacing on that third white house party crasher. he's a washington party planner. pierre thomas picks up the story. >> reporter: this man gets out of a van, looks around once, then proceeds right through the front door of the white house to the state dinner. there's just one problem. carlos allen, who appears to be the man in this video, a washington, d.c. socialite and party giver, was not invited to the party. it appears the salahis were not the only uninvited guests at that state dinner. >> it's unacceptable and it's got to be corrected. >> reporter: sources tell abc news allen mingled with the indian delegation which gathered at washington's willard hotel. there, the group went through an initial security screening as requested by the indian government. it's unclear if allen was ever asked to show identification. when the group arrived at the white house by van, secret service personnel then waved them in, no names checked, assuming everyone in the van was suppos
>>> >>> on "world news" from washington, high stakes. president obama faces a tough crowd on capitol hill and in american living rooms, waiting to hear what he's going to fight for in his sond presidential year. >>> car chaos. we find deal earls told to suspend the sales of some of those toyotas still selling them. and owners of recalled toyotas told to keep driving them. what's going on with toyota? >>> the next big thing? apple's new ipad has arrived. do you have to have it? >>> oh, snow. imagine waking up and finding a whole mountain of it in your bathroom. >>> and good evening. we are here across from the capitol tonight, been watching the cars streaming in toward the door. senators, congressmen and women, and invited guests, gathering for president obama to deliver his state obvious the union. and the middle of what he has called a political buzz saw. at a lunch with him today, he made it clear to several of us, no backing down on his big agenda, and we know that number one on that agenda tonight will be jobs, and jake tapper has been studying portions of the presiden
summoned to washington today, facing tough questions about the financial crisis and big wall street bonuses. while all the bank leaders admitted mistakes, jamie dimon was defiant about bonuses, saying, "i believe our compensation packages have been and remain appropriate." jon karl caught up with the nkers outside the hearing. >> reporter: just one last thing. does wall street get it? you heard the president suggest that you guys don't get it. do you want -- don't understand the anger of the tax payers, the high unemployment rate. the big bonuses, people getting laid off, you don't see a disconnect there? >> i think we're very sensitive to all those areas. >> reporter: where is the accountability? >> people lost jobs, people have paid back t.a.r.p. money with interest. >> reporter: but the big bonuses that we're seeing from the same companies that got the t.a.r.p. money. how do you explain that? what about other executives at your company? >> you have to deal with them. >> reporter: you're the chairman. you're the one giving the bonuses. >> executives hailing a cab today. >>> in washington,
kennedy's widow, vicki, who campaigned until the end. vicki kennedy is spending the night in washington with family. someone close to her told me this is an emotional night for mrs. kennedy, remember, there's only an election today because she lost her husband. diane? >> and as you know well, john, the husband whose political career was dedicated to health care reform. so, we asked jon karl on capitol hill, what is the democratic backup plan? >> reporter: a defiant nancy pelosi declared today that she is charging ahead -- even if democrats get trounced on their own turf. >> whatever happens in massachusetts, we will have quality, affordable health care for all americans and we will have it soon. >> reporter: no matter who wins in massachusetts, several democrats told us their party is in trouble. >> if you lose massachusetts, that's not a wake-up call, there's no hope of waking up. >> reporter: senator bayh worries that independents seem to be leaving the party in droves. not just in massachusetts, but also in new jersey and virginia, where democrats were beaten in november. >> moderate
times as a candidate, that washington needs to become more bi partisan. >> i want them working with us to solve problems facing working families. not to score points. >> reporter: today, leading republicans gave the president some credit for some of the proposals he made last night. >> we've got some things we can work on together. the trade issues. all of those sort of resonate with republicans. >> reporter: lindsey graham liked what he heard about nuclear power and offshore drilling. >> the president is sincerely bipartisan on this issue. i have looked him in the eye and i have tested the white house. they want to do a deal that will lead us to energy independence and cleaner air. >> reporter: but many republicans are not in the mood for compromising on big issues such as health care reform. >> i'm not going to vote for a bill that raises taxes. i'm not going to vote for a bill that groems the size of government. >> reporter: the president is convinced that republicans have made the calculation that any victory for him is a republican defeat. last night, he noted that republicans wer
thanks to you. i want to bring in george stephanopoulos, brian ross and pierre thomas in washington. but first, let's take another look. 16 agencies, all of them reporting to one place. we're talking about the national counterterrorism center, and we have video of that room. that room, looking at those screens of terrorist reports coming in from around the country, supposed to analyze the data. george is there going to be a radical change in that? >> reporter: i think the president wants a radical change in performance. if you look at the mission statement, their job was to analyze and prioritize the information. that's what didn't happen. though the president has been under some pressure to fire someone like the head of the nctc, he has decided, for now, not to do it. he believes, as jake said this is a systemic failure, not the mistake of a single individual. >> reporter: and george, by not going after the structure, he's continuing what has been bureaucratic battles for control of intelligence. in fact, the president was really saying today, they are more interested in protecting
champion, thanks to you tonight. >>> and back in washington tonight, the president spoiling for a fight with the big banks, calling for new laws to pare down the size of the banks and prevent the risky behavior that nearly toppled the economy. wall street was not happy. the dow jones industrials down more than 200 points, and our jake tapper is at the white house to tell us what this means for the banks and their clients. jake? >> reporter: good evening, diane. while the white house argues that today's announcement has nothing to do with that special election up in massachusetts and voter anger there, they acknowledge that these new rules could appeal to some of those voters and at times today, the president himself sounded quite angry. >> these folks want a fight, it's a fight i'm ready to have. >> reporter: in an atmosphere of growing angeral bailed out banks and billions in bonus payments, the president sounded quite populist. >> never again will the american taxpayer be held hostage by a bank that is too big to fail. >> reporter: the president's new rules would impose limits on how
the need for bipartisanship -- >> they didn't send us to washington to fight each other in some sort of political steel cage match -- >> reporter: quickly made way for serious gripes. >> when you stood up before the american people multiple times and said you would broadcast the health care debates on c-span, you didn't. >> president, multiple times, from your administration, there have come statements that republicans have no ideas and no solutions. >> reporter: the president appeared to grow increasingly frustrated. >> you've given yourselves very little room to work in a bipartisan fashion. because what you've been telling your constituents is this guy's doing all kinds of crazy stuff that's going to destroy america. >> reporter: republicans pushed back on the notion they're a party of no ideas. >> thank you, mr. president. thank you for acknowledging that we have ideas. >> reporter: towards the end of what at times seemed like group therapy, a question about the budget. >> will that new budget, like your old budget, triple the national debt -- >> reporter: it clearly annoyed the
's governor tossed a political grenade at washington. >> health care reform, which started as a noble and needed legislation, has become a trough of bribes, deals and loopholes. yet, you've heard of the bridge to nowhere? well, this is health care to nowhere. >> reporter: governor schwarzenegger had been wasnone the few republican leaders in the nation to support the president on health care. a fact touted by the white house. >> governor ornarnold schwarzenegger of california and new york city mayor michael bloomberg came out in support. >> reporter: schwarzenegger is lashing out because he says the bill hits california with big medicaid costs and gives special treatment to nebraska, thanks to a deal negotiated by its democratic senator, ben nelson. >> because that senator got the corn, we got the husk. >> reporter: this, a day after unanimous sip pelosi, frustrated with compromises made by the senate, seemed to mock president obama when asked about his campaign promise to televise congressional negotiations. >> there are a number of things he said on the campaign trail. >> reporter:
the bans will simply pass the fees to consumers. >>> also in washington, what appears to be a brek through to push health care reform. the white house has a tentative deal that would tax high cost health insurance plans, the so-called cadillac plans. labor leaders were fighting the tax until the plan was changed, giving union members several years of relief from paying the tax. >>> final numbers are in on how bad the foreclosure crisis was last year. 2.8 million homeowners received a foreclosure crisis. that's about 1 in every 45 homes. >>> and single teddy pendergrass has died. the r & b star had a soulful sound and a long list of hits in the '70s and '80s. "only you" and "close the door" just a few of them. his voice and looks made him music sensation and sex symbol. pender grass kept singing and recording after a car accident left him in a wheel chair 28 years ago. he died yesterday from colon cancer. teddy pendergrass was 59. >>> when we return, back to diane sawyer with the haitians still praying in the face of so diane sawyer with the haitians still praying in the face of so much pai
. >> reporter: yet another reason that dieting can be daunting. elisabeth leamy, abc news, washington. >>> and now, a birthday to tell you about. at graceland and around the world, fans marked what would have been elvis presley's 75th birthday. every fan with a signature memory, a special song, including one preteen girl back in louisville, kentucky who saw m live and squealed her heart out. never forgot. i want you, i need you, i love you, as only the king could sing it. >>. ♪ let me know where i stand from the start ♪ ♪ i want you ♪ i need you ♪ i love you ring. progresso. i have a question about these clams. the taste is amazing. clam transfer. clams. are these really fresh-caught clams in your new england clam chowder? we take what the ocean offers, be it clams, camaraderie or heartache. wait, what? i think that was a yes. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. 6 years. i've had asthma forever. i never knew why my asthma symptoms kept coming back... ...kept coming back... ...or that i could help prevent them in the first place. the problem was that my c
to washington this morning after an 11-day vacation in hawaii for a high level meeting on terrorism scheduled for tomorrow. and something else, the secret rer vealed today that another person in addition to the salahis, crashed that state dinner for the indian prime minister in november, a man thought to be in the indian delegation but not on on the list. the person went through security and had no contact with the president or the first lady. >>> the bodies of the cia officers killed last weir in afghanistan have returned home. kate snow has been learning more about the silent warriors, the men and women whose families lived in the mysteries of their lives. >> reporter: they thought he was going to lead them to top al qaeda terrorists. instead he killed seven american cia officers. the bomber was jordanian. ha delivered to the cia as a trusted informant by an officer who was a member of jordan's royal family. the cia trusted the informant enough to let him visit the camp multiple times. >> you're talking about the institutional nightmare. because this was a recruited agent who was invited on
to one disapproval. and diane, there's little indication that washington, d.c. currently has the stomach for any serious measures for deficit or debt reduction there was one suggestion the president got behind for a bipartisan debt reduction panel that would have made tough recommendations and congress would have voted on them, but the senate voted against the creation of that panel today. >> but jake, what about something we learned about the people in those offices right behind you there? that their salaries are going to be frozen now? >> reporter: that's right. president obama is going to announce that senior white house staff, their salaries are frozen, and also, for political appointees, he's going to eliminate bonuses for them, that's going to affect roughly 1200 senior white house and political apoint teems throughout the administration, diane. >> all right, something that can be done, and he will get done tomorrow night. thanks to you, jake. and abc news will have live coverage of the president's state of the union address tomorrow night, beginning at 9:00 eastern/8:00 central ti
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)

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